New Boats

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Year Description Availability Hull Color Length Photo
2020Robalo R200In-StockSolid Shark Gray20'7"
2020Robalo R230In-StockWhite23'
20202020 Robalo R200In-StockWide Band Biscayne Blue 20'7"
2020Pursuit S288In-StockFresh White30'
2020Robalo R227In-StockWide Band Biscayne Blue21' 6"
2020Robalo R242In-StockSolid Shark Gray24'
2020Robalo R230In-StockWide Band Biscayne Blue23'
2020Pursuit DC295In-StockFlag Blue31’ 9”
2020Pursuit DC235In-StockFlag Blue24’ 4”
2020Robalo R242EXIn-StockWide Band Biscayne Blue24'
2020Robalo R227In-StockSolid Alloy Gray21' 6"
2020Robalo R160In-StockWide Band Seafoam Green16' 4"
2020Robalo R207In-StockWide Band Biscayne Blue20' 7"
2020Robalo R247In-StockWide Band Biscayne Blue24'
2020Robalo R160In-StockWide Band Biscayne Blue16'4
2020Robalo R180In-StockWide Band Shark Gray18'4"
2020Robalo R222EXIn-StockWide Band Sea Foam Green21' 6"
2020Robalo R247In-StockSolid Alloy Gray24'
2020Robalo R222EXIn-StockSolid Alloy Gray21' 6"
2020Pursuit C238In-StockFlag Blue24’ 4”
2020Pursuit S328In-StockFresh White34' 6"
2020Pursuit OS355In-StockFresh White37'11"
2019Robalo R180In-StockWhite18'4"
2019Robalo R222EXIn-StockWide Band Deepwater Blue21'6"
2019Robalo R222In-StockWide Band Alloy Gray21'6"
2019Robalo R222In-StockWhite21'6"
2019Robalo R200In-StockWhite20'7''
2019Robalo R180In-StockWhite18'4"
2019Robalo R302 (Sale Pending)In-StockWhite29' 2"
2019Robalo R242EXIn-StockSolid Alloy Gray24'
2019Contender 25T (Sale Pending)In-StockWhite25'3
2019Robalo R317 (Sale Pending)In-StockWhite31'
2019Contender 30STIn-StockWhite29'8"
2019Robalo R180In-StockSolid Deepwater Blue18'4"
2018Robalo R160In-StockSolid Deepwater Black16'4
2018Maritime 1480 Sport SkiffIn-StockWhite14'6"